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Frequently Asked questions FAQ.


I have now received 3 quotes what do I look for?

  1. Vehicle size or volume stated will be turning up on the day?

a Luton van 3.5 ton moves 400 cubic feet (for a small flat)

a 7.5 ton vehicle for a 2 bed property up to 1000 cubic feet

a 17 ton truck 3 bed minimum 2,000 cubic feet

If there is a garage or lots of plants then an aditional will be needed on top. plus 3.5ton

Is price more important than service?


Are there days to avoid each month?

Last Friday of the month

Mon- Thurs is always less busy

Any recommendations regarding solicitors?

Always exchange 7 days prior to completion

more likely to get keys on time

Any recommendations regarding estate agents?

Giving the estate agents a set of keys prior means on the day you can just post your keys through the letter box so you can concentrate on collecting your own keys.

Any tips on what to do the day before?

Dismantle the beds sleep on matresses night before

Dismantle wardrobes and tables

Empty loft have downstairs

Any tips what to do the week before?


Will parking requirement or permits be needed?

Our big trucks need the equivalent to 3 badly parked cars.

Is there more than one type of service?

Yes gold silver platinum

Any tips on distance moves?

Have a 2 day move day 1 have all loaded

Day 2 delivery

This enables time on your side to clean.




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