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Euroxpress Removals reviews

Euroxpress removals reviews post


Welcome to our Euroxpress removals reviews post.


Customers feedback, it’s nice to hear the same comment over and over again,

My favorites comments from 2017-18 customers below.


We had 4 companies to quote,

Euroxpress Removals  were the only people

who they could see relaxed enough to spend the whole moving day with.


The estimators experience showed the difference of a professional removals company from start to finish.


The price was not an issue there was cheaper and more expensive companies that gave us a quote,

but found they could relate to us,


EuroXpress Removals made us feel at ease and felt relaxed with the no nonsense attitude,

nothing seems a problem and showed here to help.


When I (EuroXpress) visited was told within 15minutes

they knew they wanted to move with EuroXpress Removals,

friendly, professional and competitive. With the feeling of easy to work with.


Was told 3 other removals surveyors over stayed there welcome,

They keep wanting more cups of tea and spent ages on the sofa,

which gave the feeling they would not leave unless they were booked,

but when we visited and gave a no strings attached,

soft approach 15 minutes chat round the house then left felt we were the removals company,

they would want to move them as we made them relaxed with ease.

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Another customer said they was shocked how a quick visit from our free quote,

was so knowledgeable,

with useful tips that instantly knew we were for them,

Our professional removals impression shined through,

that they would look no further,

and booked us for there house removal to pack move and unpack,

in the end we put there belongings into our storage,

while they had the whole house carpeted,

with also a fresh lick of paint before we returned there goods in there new home.


A similar customer said,

That they had a list of questions on there paper

of questions they would ask at time of quote,

at the end of a 15 minute visit said we ticked all the boxes on his thoughts,

they didn’t have anymore questions and was shocked

how thorough we were to answer them,

without the questions asked. Excellent. (Experience counts).

Was recently told, our can do attitude won them over instantly.

Having EuroXpress Removals full size vehicles provided,

saved them having 3 hours of worry will it fit in a luton van.

If you would like to benefit give us a call 08000 565588.euroxpress removals reveiws

also from a free quotation we’re here to help.

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