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School removals

School removals post

Euroxpress school Removals post.


Had a good year of school Relocations again 3 years running,

with our school removals we have been involved in a combination of different services.

We have done School removals to new buildings, classroom swaps, classroom refits, classroom relocations,

while decorating then back to classrooms.


The most common service we do is,

each half term clear a set of 5 classrooms to the main hall,

while decorators give a fresh kick of paint and classroom colour change,

then we put it all back in again, we often get involved in the packing and unpacking too.

Gives schools a chance to refit gradually to.

School moves and classrooms swaps can be organised systematically ,

to what your project is.

We often provide crate rental with low tack stickers to help identify locations and rooms.

email for a free quote or call 08000 565588.

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Hq 01903 732733 to arrange a quote

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