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Seems it’s that time of year again where a lot of people contacting us about office office removals London moving.

great for us as it’s recommendations from other people we have done there office removals.

It seems to have a great knock on affect, I love recommendations as it’s free and save the hard work of trying to prove yourself.

We at Euroxpress Office removals have been moving offices for about 22 years,

which are set up with the right tools for the job,

not just the tools to dismantle and rebuild the desks,

we also have the full size trucks that enables us to move large quantities quicker.


Euroxpress has also invested in our own office moving crates,

unlike cardboard boxes that fall apart, our crates can be put on sack trolley and can be stack 10 high in the trucks,

with out collapsing well worth the crate hire,

to enable the move to go quicker and more efficient,

with our crate hire we also supply a free low tack label to locate where the crate will need to go at the new end.


If you would like our professional removals surveyor to give you a free quote call 01903 732733,

At our central operations Office Removals,

or our free phone from land line 08000 565588

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