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House Removals, Commercial Removals & Storage     

We are a “family run business”  – passionate and determined to deliver a high class service at a competitive price. 
Showing the importance of our true core values, we specialise in Customer Care & Service with the Personal touch!

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Big enough to cope, small enough to care!
Vehicles of all sizes
Every size of move is important to EuroXpress Removals. with options from a straight move to Pack, Move, Unpack, Dismantling and rebuilding services. With the option for storage too.
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A fleet of all sizes
EuroXpress Removals has a fleet of vehicles from the smallest 3.5 ton Removals vans to the full size removals trucks. As EuroXpress can handle all sizes of moves, from the single items, flat moves to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 bedroom houses and mansions. We at EuroXpress specialise in all sizes of moves, House Removals and Business.
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Coverage :

Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, London, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire. We come to you!

08000 565588

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Mon - Sun 7 days a week

Offering Removals 7 days a week Same price every day.

EuroXpress Removals covers a 250 mile local radius with our fleet of vehicles.

With over 22 years of experience in the Removals industry,

from working with the biggest companies all over the UK for years,

We have gained the expertise and knowledge, to move your belongings in the correct way.

All of our 17 ton trucks have “Air ride suspension” for a smoother journey,

For the added safety and less chance for a rough journey for your belongings.

“We are proud to be members of Checkatrade.”

EuroXpress Removals are annually checked and inspected

to meet the very high standard that you would require from a Professional Removals Company.

More competitive than most companies.

Short Notice Specialists, Last minute moves, Pack, move and unpack.

Call Now for your free quote.


EuroXpress Removals the name you can trust.

We are one of the largest Professional Removals firms in our area.

With a full choice of vehicles to handle from the smallest to the largest of moves.

Our Business is Built on trust, Reliability and Profesionalism.

Please call today for a free no obligation quote.


Removals Quote Beater Transparency.

*We will try to Beat any “written quotes” based on Removals companies that confirm in writting to you the following,

  1. That can offer full size removals trucks for a 1 trip service.*(Not Little Luton vans quotes.)
  2. “Which Included in Every Removals Service”, Quilted 60″ TV Covers, Quilted Sofa covers, Heavy Duty Mattress Covers, Metal Heavy duty Wardrobe rails, and 100-300 Removals blankets on all there vehicles, Piano trolleys,Sack Trolleys. (As a minimum standard that we have set and expect from any mover.)
  3. With “Air ride Suspension vehicles”. For a smoother journey for your goods.

(Not paper bag versions that tare or thin polythin versions that rip or cardboard wardrobe boxes that collapse and fall apart).

If with the same professional like for like services.

If they are not willing to provide this Quality Service then it is not the main priority for your move.

Because for us, “your move is important to us”.

Whats more important to you? Price or Service

We are so confident with the above

Offering a quality service at a competitive price.

(We Set the Standard that others should follow).

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checked by checkatrade

Our Business and Commercial moves Surveyor

The Role of our Business Commercial Moves Surveyor.


At Euroxpress We have a Business commercial moves surveyor,

This post is to exxplain about the role and what it involves.


From the Surveyors eyes to the customer.


Often you the Business owner or project manager who requested the quote,

will be mainly interested in the bottom line, the cost of the move.

My job will be to find the best solution to your budget,

we consider all of our services very competitive,

and its your decision if you would like us to go the extra mile to service all of your needs.

Often on complex of moves its requested that we do 3 quotes,

  1. Just the basics
  2. Pack and move
  3. Pack move and unpack


The biggest question for any business owner,  whats more important Price or Quality.


An important factor is not the A-b basic move,

it is the knock on affects if its not moved the right way.

Most people think its easy to hire a 7.5 ton truck.

With no operators licence no insurance and just load and unload and it will be all OK.


More often than not, this process gets rushed, not done with the right equipment,and care,

or expertise to plan, then mistakes happen that is often costly to the company,

which may take months to repair.

the costs can be more damaging than ,

the damage to stock or equipment or to the knock on effect to your customers,

or in the down turn of time where the business cannot function properly,

than the price of the job being done correctly.

If you were closed for a day/week or a month,

how would that financially affect your business.

proving its worth doing the job right while you have the opportunity.



Famous quotes not just in removals.

The phrase : If a job is worth doing, it is a job worth doing right, first time.

Expertise has a cost with a price.

So does short cuts.


We believe we offer great value for our services, at a competitive price for the service.


If you invite our surveyor to visit your premises,

you will find that you will learn from the knowledge gained,

just from the surveyor alone will help your decision process,

Even if you decide you cant afford to do the job right.

often found you cant afford not to do it right.


An example would be if you spent years sorting stock all in to a specific order,

then someone with no knowledge muddles all those hours work,

shove it in a van and plonk it down at the other end,

with no motion to care how it will ever get back to the way the business used to run.

how will this affect your business and customers.


Moving is stressful enough especially to a novice, why make  it more stressful with no plan.


Would you rather have the move process being a benefit to the company

an investment to the future success of the business?.or a wasted opportunity.


How to plan for the opportunity of a successful memorabilia move.


Being able to de-clutter on things that are not needed. (we offer clearance)

Having the chance to organise the warehouse and stock.

with the process that the business needs to run smoother systematically.(we offer Crate rental)

Moving departments around nearer teams that need to be in contact regular during every day

Is stock not sold because its never been organised before?.

How to organise the stock.

How to label the stock

Plan the new layout for the new premises in a productive manner.

Whats the best way to move my company with minimum disruption?

  • Out of hours
  • Weekends

Whats the quickest, safest way to move my company

My objective often is at time of the initial quote is to find the cheapest way to move your goods,

but also look at the main objectives of the move.

Were moving because we have out grown the last site,

it was never organised before.

The things I love to look for when being a business commercial moves surveyor is :
  1. How can i make this business run smoother.
  2. What does the business do
  3. How to move the goods safely
  4. In a Normal working day,how can we save time,
  5. What departments need to work next to each other in either stock or people.
  6. How can I be a benefit to this company above my competition.
  7. Can I improve the business in a productive way by organisation from the move.
  8. Will the business move benefit the business by moving.
  9. What services can we offer that will be our unique USP (unique Selling Point).

call Euroxpress 08000 565588 for a free no obligation quote from our

Business commercial moves surveyor.


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