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Every size of move is important to EuroXpress Removals. with options from a straight move to Pack, Move, Unpack, Dismantling and rebuilding services. With the option for storage too.
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A fleet of all sizes
EuroXpress Removals has a fleet of vehicles from the smallest 3.5 ton Removals vans to the full size removals trucks. As EuroXpress can handle all sizes of moves, from the single items, flat moves to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 bedroom houses and mansions. We at EuroXpress specialise in all sizes of moves, House Removals and Business.
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With a full choice of vehicles to handle from the smallest to the largest of moves.

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Can I move house during lockdown

Can I move house during Lockdown?

house removals trucks
house removals trucks

Can I move house during Lockdown explained?

or moving during Coronavirus Lockdown.


The best way to explain see below.  last updated  27/03/2020


Our Prime minister has stated no one is allowed in your house that is not a family member.

Only essential key workers are allowed to not be at home.

The government have stated no 2 people can be within 2 meters of each other.

also maximum of 2 people in the same environment. so no one else in the house.

For example : How do you lift a washing machine and be 2 meters apart?

Safe Distance by law
Safe distance by law

How can 2 members of staff travel in a removals truck and be 2 meters apart?

Correct at time of posting 27/03/2020

Please note: This week removals firms have been stopped on the roads all across the country and told to go back to there yard, with customers goods and not allowed to go back to the old house or the new house in risk of contamination, so customers belongings are left in the removals vehicles or face with £1000 fine per offence by the police, vehicle registration and names and details have been taken (would you want to risk with the possibility of not getting your belongings back) during lockdown period.

All storage companies are told to be closed as non essential moving during Coronavirus Lockdown.

If you want to go against the prime ministers order to stay at home, do you the customer or solicitor, want to pay the fines?.

So moving day will you wipe all items and bring to the front door so we don’t enter the house?

On delivery do you expect the removal company to wipe all the thousands of items before delivering?

This week we have received reports that banks not transferring the money as short on staff.

If the house is not empty now then you stand the risk of moving from a safe environment to one that has been infected.

Some solicitors have added disinfecting clauses after you move out, check.

The governing body of solicitors on 25/03/2020 has put on there own website on there contact us page they are closed as not safe to be open.

SRA Contact Centre and Professional Ethics opening hours
We are working hard to offer the best service we can while keeping our staff safe during the UK coronavirus outbreak, in line with Government advice.
Until further notice, our Contact Centre and Professional Ethics phone lines are closed.


Moving house is not essential moving during Coronavirus Lockdown .

Everyone’s health is essential, So help us all stay at home.

If everyone stays at home we will be able to resume back to work sooner.

But if this is ignored this lock down will be longer, and be a waste of time with more delays until you take it seriously.

As this will continue to spread and delay us further, with more people dying, that nobody wants.

At Present Lock down is 3 weeks Starting 23/03/2020 Making the 13th April 2020 the earliest to resume possibly.


I will update this page when we have more up to date news.

This page is likely to be updated daily with any announcements as it happens in the industry.

Your move is important to us.


If getting pressure to complete during lock down,

Pass the responsibility via email to cover your self to the solicitor that is advising you to ignore the lock down,

Get them to take responsibility for any extra expenses (storage) and re delivery charges and any fines in trying to make you move during this illegal period.

Do you want to go against the order of the government to protect your family, our removals staff and their familys.



We want to move you, when legally allowed to with minimal risk for both of us and your family,

Without the worries of fines and without the risk of being told we are not allowed to unload at your new home. Lets Be Safer than sorry.


We will update this page , “Can I move house during Lockdown”, as we get further news.


Euroxpress Removals is taking customers contact details and will give you a courtesy call, as soon as we know we can legally move you, with the government lifts the lockdown. Without restrictions or putting anyone at risk.

Please add your details here where we will update you for free on when things relax and safe to move.

Thank you.

Call now our main office 01903 732733

We are here to help during these difficult times.

EuroXpress also offer quotes via Whatsup, face time, Email lists and after lock down back to site visits.

We also offer a online version where you can click on the pictures.

If you are a keyworker or have already exchanged call now.

We are putting our customers and staff first before wealth.

Time to put your family first in these uncertain times.








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