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Bailiff RemovalsĀ 

Bailiff removals by Euroxpress.

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Every quarter Bailiff removals is requested of us,

at this time of year we know we get a lot of the calls,

from some of the largest names in bailiffs.

bailiff removals

We are recognized for our professionalism at this difficult time.

Often the call is late in the day with little notice period,

where we are requested to clear out anything from a shop to a whole warehouse.

We also recognize that often need to place everything in storage for a 7 day period,

then deliver to an auction house across the UK,

to raiseĀ  the money that needs to be recovered.

Here at EuroXpress we’re here to help and to adapt to your sensitive needs.

Bailiff eviction removals service


With shops and warehouses,

First of all we often get asked to bring crates along with us,

to speed up the process with large quantities.

As we have our own crate rental side,

we can easily adapt and bring along on the short notice,

with our own stock of packing materials,

we can quickly wrap and pack to protect everything as we go.

Instead of waiting days for crates,

or boxes to arrive days or weeks later.


EuroXpress bailiff services support recognises timing is important to keep cost down

also to stop stock disappearing when a client knows its about to be taken.


This service is a pay on use service tailored to the needs of the task.

One of the auctioneers, we have worked with is in Christchurch,

as they can handle large volumes,

furthermore we have other auction houses across the UK that we have use,

which is dependent on the location,

depending where we are working at the time as we offer full UK coverage.

We are flexible, and used to short notice, we are here to help.


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