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Vehicles of all sizes
Every size of move is important to EuroXpress Removals. with options from a straight move to Pack, Move, Unpack, Dismantling and rebuilding services. With the option for storage too.
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A fleet of all sizes
EuroXpress Removals has a fleet of vehicles from the smallest 3.5 ton Removals vans to the full size removals trucks. As EuroXpress can handle all sizes of moves, from the single items, flat moves to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 bedroom houses and mansions. We at EuroXpress specialise in all sizes of moves, House Removals and Business.
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Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, London, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire. Will cover Nationwide. We come to you!

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EuroXpress Removals the name you can trust.

We are one of the largest Professional Removals firms in our area.

With a full choice of vehicles to handle from the smallest to the largest of moves.

Our Business is Built on trust, Reliability and Profesionalism.

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Moving Checklists

Moving Checklists

Our Moving Checklists will help you to move home with ease and less stress.

1 Month before you move home

Create a list of all your household items,

Removal companies will need an inventory of all the items you will need transporting to your new property,

to work out how many men will be required for your move and also which size vehicle to provide.

Decide which fixtures and fittings are going or staying and write a list,

so there is no confusion on the day of the removal.

Removals Surveyor

Book EuroXpress to arrange for one of their Removal Surveyor round to your property,

to give you a competitive quote for your move.

Book Euroxpress for your removal and order any packing materials that you may need,

(we can advise a rough estimate of how many boxes you may require.)

When you are collecting quotes for your removal and working out the expense,

make a note of all the other expenses involved

which could include having the property(ies) cleaned or your own transport costs.


Why move things that you don’t actually need?

Clearing out items beforehand will reduce your moving costs and save you time and effort.

Sort out /clear out your loft

Have a big clear out in your garage, you will be surprised what you find in there.

Think about which items you do not want to take to your new home and dispose of them,

there are many options to dispose of your belongings,

you could pop them on eBay and watch people bid away or go along to a car boot sale near you and sell away,

if you have no transportation you could have a garage sale,

organize a charity to collect your unwanted items or see if any of your family and friends would like something.

Think medical and ask your doctor, dentist, optician to be referred and transfer necessary prescriptions.

Don’t forget the pets! Arrange boarding during pre-move and shipping when you move.

Contact the vet for your pet’s records and try to have all their shots and treatments done before you move.

The children (if you have any) – decide which school they will attend and organize the transfer of their records.

Verify the requirements for Car licensing

Request a transfer of your credit bureau files

Cancel local deliveries- Milkman, Newspaper etc.


You may be due some from your Utilities, arrange disconnection and final bills and ask.

Arrange reconnection of utilities to your new home.

Decide which clothes are travelling with you.

Have a walk round your garden and dismantle any garden

furniture and any children’s play equipment.

Return any library book or other items that need to be returned before you move.

2 Weeks before you move home

Empty your safe

Empty the loft (if it lives in the loft do I really need it? apart from suitcase and Christmas)

If you’re moving into a flat which has a lift,

reserve the override key so the removal team has priority of the lift on the day

Pack any items that may have fragile/ sentimental meaning to you and any important documents

Clean your fridge / freezer and cabinets and shelves

Use up food by making up meals.

Check your car or have it serviced for the journey to your new property,

especially if you’re travelling a long distance.

Arrange a babysitter for the day of the removal or if your children go to school

it may help to arrange a family member / a friend to drop the children off and collect your children

as you will be needed at your property to point out where you would like things to show the removal men

where you would like furniture.

Decide where you would like your furniture to be placed

in your new property and make a small plan for the removal men.

If you do need to leave the property when they are unloading they will then be able to carry on.

If you need to stay in a hotel or Bed and Breakfast if you are travelling for more than one day

or if the removal men are delivering to your new property on the following day make reservations

Start packing!

If your house is going to be vacant for a long period

you should inform your local police station and make security arrangements and also maintenance arrangements

with your estate agent and also plan for a thorough clean of your house including carpets.

Arrange for all your meters to be recorded on the day of your removal: water, gas and electric.

1 Week before you move home

Defrost the fridge and freezer

Plan in advance for your removal day and plan meals that don’t involve using the appliances you clean.

Start to dismantle the furniture if needed

Remove the pictures / mirrors from the walls where furniture is going to be carried through.

Remove all picture hooks/ nails from the walls and stairs where the mattresses will be carried to avoid the mattress being ripped.

Collect all the instruction manuals which you will be leaving for the new owners of the property for the boiler and other appliances that are staying.

Make sure any luggage that you want to take with you when you travel,

rather than on the removal lorry is kept in a separate area.

Make sure your gardening tools/ equipment and bikes are clean to go in the removal lorry

as they may touch other items on the lorry.

Empty the tanks of gardening tools such as lawn mowers.

We shall wrap the large furniture for you once on the lorry.

Take all glass shelves out of cabinets and wrap them carefully and label that it is glass

so it will be placed in a safe place once aboard the lorry.

Final Days before you move home

If you are taking light fittings. disconnect them

Organize a survival package in case the movers are delayed at all

Take a phone book or numbers of plumber, gas,

Electrician in case anything needs seeing to at your new property.

Notify someone of your travel plans

Have appliances disconnected

Have antennas disconnected

Boxes that you do not want to go on the lorry

make sure they are clearly marked

DO NOT MOVE and place these in a designated area.

Main things for Checklist

Make alternative arrangements for pets so they will not get in the removal teams way

Make sure there is someone looking after the children

Make sure either you or someone else is at the property when the removal team arrives

to direct them and answer any questions they may have.

Check the removal team have the correct address

including postcode that they are delivering your property to

Exchange mobile phone numbers with the driver

so he can contact you and you can contact him on the journey to the new property.

Take valuable documents, jewelry and money with you.

Make sure there is room for the removal lorry to park

Clear the stairs of any items.

Also Clear driveways and pathways

Once the lorry is fully loaded check your property that nothing is left behind,

check all the windows and doors are locked and the lights are out.

Once you arrive at the new property while the removal team are preparing the lorry to be emptied,

label the rooms in coordination with the boxes so they know which room they will be going into.

Point the removal team in the direction of the room that they need to go to and the position

as to how you would like the furniture placed

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

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