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Petersfield Removals

Petersfield Removals


Our Petersfield Removals is managed by EuroXpress Removals. 01252 310311.

Petersfield removals

About Petersfield removals by EuroXpress.


Our EuroXpress Petersfield removals team are highly skilled and trained for the removals industry.

The Petersfield team make each and every individual removal a smooth and easy transition,

from your house to new home.

Additional services are quoted for individually,

Based on each clients own requirements,

Dismantling, packing, unpacking and rebuilding can be quoted for.


Euroxpress has various size of vehicles from 3.5 ton vans up to 21 ton removal spec trucks.

Every vehicle is equipped with their own ramps,

removal protection blankets and straps for securing furniture and lifting equipment.


As well as Petersfield we cover all towns and villages in the area including

  • Steep Marsh,
  • Nursted,
  • Stroud,
  • Langrish,
  • Weston,
  • Ramsdean.


Euroxpress also offers storage,

So if your worried about the chain callapsing

maybe storage would be the right solution.

another reason why storage can help would be

to make your property more minimalist,

this can also increase the chance of a house sale.


Here are a few facts about Petersfield


First of all the population for Petersfield is estimated 15,077 for 2016.

The average property price for Petersfield March 2018 was estimated £523,807.

This is a rise of 0.18% over the last 3 months according to Zoopla.

In 1859 Petersfield railway was installed connecting it to London and Portsmouth.

Petersfield has an outdoor open air heated swimming pool which is charity run by volunteers.


Removals Petersfield






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