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Hastings Removals

Hastings Removals

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Welcome to EuroXpress Hastings Removals.

At Hastings removals we cover a wide range or services from Pack move and unpacking.

We also offer Storage, so if your chain is about to collapse because your dream home is not ready,
or chain not complete, you may wish to consider moving in to store to get that sale go through.

another reason why people make use of storage is so before they move in they decorate the whole house with a fresh look.

Hastings, East Sussex is a great town on our South East Coast,

unfortunately it does have some steep narrow roads which our largest lorries just cant get up and down but that is not a problem for us.

as we just park the lorry in the safest closet location to your home and use one of our smaller vehicles,

to ferry the whole volume of your property back to the larger vehicle, to have you completely out in time for the key handover.

We understand not all properties only need a small van, which is why we offer this great service,

Removals Hastings

Our removal surveyor will happily discuss with you and explain in more detail when carrying out a survey of your home,

please feel free to book in your free no obligation quote now by using our contact us page.

Here are a few facts about Hastings

Hastings is Famously known for the Battle of Hastings in 1066, fought on a nearby field where Battle Abbey now stands.

Hastings castle is a keep and bailey castle ruin situated in the Town of Hastings.

The population for Hastings for 2017 is estimated at 92,022

The average house price in Hastings was £268,458 in November 2017 according to Zoopla!

House Removals - Online Quotes for House Removals

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