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Mail Marketing

Post Mail Marketing explained


Post Mail marketing with Euroxpress Removals explained.

post mail

Our Marketing team will normally only send mail to the following

  1. To send you a quote for a service you requested.
  2. To send you an invoice for a service you have requested.
  3. To send you relevance material introduction about our services. (see explained)

3) Explained.

(because you have a for sale board or to let board, sold board, sale agreed, sign up out side your property,

Have marketed your property to let everyone know, this subject is of interest to you and maybe them meaning us.

We know your a home mover, as you have opted to market your self as announcement board outside your property, )

This is what we are up to.

We market board properties because the relevance is there for you and us.

Your privacy is important to us, for this reason, this marketing will not have and we will not hold

  1. name, with the address
  2. Email with the address
  3. or phone number with the address
  4. Just an address (we normally just add Home Mover to the title to show a relevance)

When we saw the board we noticed you advertised to let people know your involved in the moving process for marketing purposes.

You may opt out of this if you so wish,

but your likely to only get a mail shot only roughly 2 times ever,

once When your house goes for sale, and once when your board changes to sold for example.

After we send from that list we discard that basic info, until changes from sale agreed to sold for example.


You may not opt out while we have your items in storage as we need to keep in touch, but once items out we can remove your details

To opt out of the rare marketing from our selves :

please email with opt out in header, with address ,no name will be required if there was no name on what you received.

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