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Hove Removals

Hove Removals

Hove Removals

Hove Removals With Euroxpress Removals we usually find ourselves either at large houses which require two of our full size removal vehicles (44ft long).

or right at the top of a flat tower block! two quite different moves but all still done in a professional and caring manor.


When our removal surveyor visits your property he may advise,

If a lift or lots of stairs are involved,

We recommend to ask a friend or family member to stay downstairs below with the lorry to keep an eye on it,

If the crew are away from the vehicle with your other belongings

Stairs and lifts cause long periods of time away from vehicles due to the nature of the work involved (many stairs or lift)

pulling ramps down and back up and opening and closing doors on trucks can cause ore delays too.

However we can quote for an additional member of our team to stay with the lorry,

don’t worry you wont be paying for someone to sit drinking tea,

they will be wrapping your possessions and stacking up the furniture and boxes enabling the other crew members to carry on back up the stairs or lift.


Please feel free to ask the removal surveyor when he/she visits your home, contact them on this link!


Here are some facts about Hove

The average house price in Hove is £450,701 in November 2017 this is a drop of 0.44% in the last 3 months estimated by Zoopla.

A well known reply by residents of Hove usually humorous when asked if they live in Brighton? it is “Hove actually” thus maintain a distinction with their less genteel neighbour.

In the 1990’s Hove borough council used the slogan “Hove, Actually” to promote the town for tourism.

Removals Hove 01273 735111

House Removals - Online Quotes for House Removals

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