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School Removals

School removals

School removals with Euroxpress

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School Removals services


EuroXpress undertakes school removals each year,

where we are requested to supply boxes and crates,

design a plan that systematically moves the school or rooms in a well planned order.

When relocating often there will not be a budget to buy new,

but we understand over the whole school there is a lot of furniture that matches that gets divided over the school,

with lots mis-matching but with organizing and planning,

we can try to get the matching items back to the appropriate room.

If you require storage we can also accomodate.


School Refits

Every year EuroXpress undertakes half term refits.

These refits often is 4 or 5 classrooms per term where everything will be packed and moved to a school hall,

While the room will be freshly painted and carpeted then everything will be returned with a low cost.

The School refits are spread over each year,

then the whole school will always be getting a fresh look over the tired areas,

that is great to see in progress.


School Relocations


EuroXpress recognizes from the moves we done for schools that class sizes change and so does childrens sizes,

and understand classes need to be swaped round to accommadate this with every new term,

with there slightly bigger chairs and slightly bigger tables as they grow.

were here to help at these times of the change overs.

Crate hire


Being able to organise is key it may be a library or a class room,

or an office but whichever it is its important its done with minimum disruption.

When EuroXpress supply crates we will supply low tack labels to put on everything,

so we know exactly where it came from and where the item is going.

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