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Pub Relocations


Pub relocations

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Pub relocations is something we have done a lot over the years,

recognizing that access to the staff quarters owners accommodation can be a challenge.

EuroXpress tailors our service for minimising downturn to your business,

trying to work round opening hours where possible,

some jobs been requested to be in by 11am opening or some to be in by 8am opening time.

We realise that with pubs often there is spiral staircases outside to living section,

or only access way is through the bar where it would not be practical while pub is open.

Packing services are often taken up on these jobs,

as management have busy lives,

They do not normally have the time or space to move while doing a pub handover.

It may be just the living quarters or the whole pub,

including packing glassware taking barrels putting into store DJ equipment We are here to help.


Pub Refits

With refits we get sent all over the UK following chain refurbishments,

packing all glassware for new bars going in,

putting all DJ equipment table and chairs and appliances and fruit machines into store ,

while the refit is taking place as car parks are often needed for the refitters vehicles,

deliveries and the stock needs to be out of the builders way to not slow them down,

then returning and unpacking and positioning service try to maximising on eating or seating areas.

Clearance Service

Our clearance service is for the pub or the owners accomadation

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