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Packing Materials

Packing Materials by EuroXpress

EuroXpress have teamed up with Teacrate Packaging to offer materials that are delivered straight to your door.

Teacrate offer everything you need for moving home or office and can supply:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Furniture covers
  • Floor covers
  • High quality archive boxes
  • Plastic crates

packing materials

We have four suppliers that we recommend for packing materials, all offer delivery services to your door:

  • Accopia 01243 838373
  • Teacrate 02089620808
  • Woods Packaging 01977 604050
  • Haywods 08000 744101

EuroXpress also suggest always buying double wall boxes as single wall boxes are designed for lighter items like crisps, not your best heavy china and glass!

Useful packing items you may need:

  • Newspaper off-cuts (plain paper)
  • Parcel tape.
  • Tape gun.
  • standard removals boxes 18*18*20 double wall.
  • Wardrobe boxes.
  • Bubble Wrap.

Or you can use our full packing service and we will bring everything you need with us.

See our packing service page

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