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Milford on Sea Removals

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Welcome to EuroXpress Milford on Sea removals, Hampshire Removals.

Milford on sea removals


Milford on Sea removals are always a pleasure for our team

as driving along the seafront and seeing the Needles from the Isle of Wight is a great view,

we are lucky to see this frequently.

EuroXpress removals also provide storage which can range for any period of time

from overnight to years

we are happy to facilitate for however long you require,

many people utilise our storage facility when moving home for lots of reasons

like if they would like to carry out a thorough clean of their new home

before moving in or some customers like to decorate the whole or part of the property first.


Here are a few facts about Milford on Sea.


The population of Milford on Sea was last estimated 4472 in 2016.

The average price for a property in Milford on Sea was £528,442 in February 2018

which was a fall of 0.68% according to Prime location.


Milford on Sea is one of the last remaining seaside villages in Hampshire.

Perched on the cliff-tops with stunning sea views,

Milford on Sea is a natural beauty spot enjoyed by many and at all times of year.

The village is scenic in location,

protected from development by a surrounding green belt of land.

House Removals - Online Quotes for House Removals

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