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NHS Relocations


Our NHS Relocations here at EuroXpress we have been recognised by lots of  Doctors and nurses,

We get asked to relocate on a regular basis some twice a year.

We are Familiar that doctors often relocate. twice a year at beginning of August and begining of Febuary. Euroxpress have been carrying out these moves for many years.

We offer various types of packing services to suit your needs.

EuroXpress also offer 2 types of service combined relocation packages moving more than 1 doctor at a time to keep the cost down for the employer, either moving in a combined 40ft lorry doing multi drops for doctors with just boxes and bags, or providing a small panel van.

Doctors Removals

We also have a full range of fleet of vehicles for larger moves adapted to your person needs.

NHS Relocations
NHS Relocations

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