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We are a “family run business”  – passionate and determined to deliver a high class service at a competitive price. 
Showing the importance of our true core values, we specialise in Customer Care & Service with the Personal touch!

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Big enough to cope, small enough to care!
A fleet of all sizes
For different challenges
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Through upside windows
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Piano Removals
Piano removals, upright Pianos, Grand pianos. Dismantling and Rebuilding
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Safes Moving
Safe Moving up to 1.5 ton
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Lifting tables
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Moving 1000 roll cages
We have ramps too to speed the process
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Forklifting awkward items
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Laboratory Removals through windows
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Our Mini Scissor lift for tight access
this can go through house doors and in lifts, and fork lift onto mezzanine floors
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Our scissor lift for out of reach items
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Our own Mobile forklift
For short notice, when you dont have a forklift and either ends.
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Wide removals ramps
For rolling wheel items that can be very long.
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Tail lift 1.5ton trucks
When its too heavy to lift an item
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We have 7 different types of pallet trucks
Standard Euro pallets, wide pallet trucks, and extra long pallet trucks 6ft long
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JCB loading
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Forklift cage access
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We own lots of different Ladder systems
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Coverage :

Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, London, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire. Will cover Nationwide. We come to you!

08000 565588

Free phone from landline or For Local Numbers click here.

Mon - Sun 7 days a week

Offering Removals 7 days a week Same price every day.


EuroXpress Removals the name you can trust.

We are one of the largest Professional Removals firms in our area.

With a full choice of vehicles to handle from the smallest to the largest of moves.

Our Business is Built on trust, Reliability and Profesionalism.

Please call today for a free no obligation quote.


Dilapidation Warehouse Clearance

Dilapidation Warehouse Clearance

Euroxpress offers a Dilapidation Warehouse Clearance Service,

often made use of at end of tenancy.

Also when a business has gone into Liquidation and needs clearing.

This involves making the whole warehouse or factory clear and back to its original state.

often at these times we are requested to do this as soon as possible,

to help the previous owners bills escalate further, due to bills increasing in rent etc.

We can also quote separately to carry out the repairs for the end of tenancy

or lease requirements you may have,

We also happy to look at the schedule of dilapidations and the construction

works or destruction work needed and carrying out the works needed if possible.

When looking at the dilapidation schedule, we can give a price breakdown for works requires,

bringing back the building or site back to original condition.

Euroxpress Dilapidations works service call 08000 565588.

commercial removals forklift

Dilapidation services

Our Dilapidation Services involves us clearing everything

that has been left in the property and disposing.

Restoring the property back to its original state or better, original photos help.


We try to recycle what ever we can. to keep your exit costs down,

to help repair any friction between tenant and landlord. to help against any dilapidation claims,

We can work with your site building surveyor to meet the standard needed.

Where possible we can help with other site clearance machinery, racking, kitchens, machines.

offering a complete site clearance.

Our professional site clearance is designed to take a weight of your shoulders,and be cost effective.

This will let the property be released as soon as possible to avoid any further rent fees,

also to make the property vacant as soon as possible to be rented back out as soon as required.

This service is often used as end of tenancy. At the end we want you to be happy to recommend us for other commercial properties.

Dilapidation warehouse clearance
Dilapidation warehouse Clearance

Site Clearance

We can supply trucks or skips to help with your site clearance services.

Euroxpress will do the disposing loading and unloading for you.

we operate 7 days a week for your site cleared.

Call now to arrange your free quote 08000 565588.

or email sales@euroxpressremovals.co.uk to discuss the work

required and look at the dilapidations protocol.

Depending on the condition of the goods we may give you a price for the items cleared.

Delapadation versus Dilapidation

Over the years on the internet  we have seen

people using both spellings for delapadation versus dilapidation,

or using delapadations or dilapidation’s with the second being the correct way on both.


Site Cleared

removals for warehouses

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