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Office Removals Service by EuroXpress

When thinking about Office Removals and deciding on an office removals firm, there are often things that are not thought about or not planned effectively. That is why we recommend our removals surveyor to visit to point these out.

As Office Removals experts and as a professional removals company, we will design a plan for a smooth move for a peace of mind and a stress free service from our family run business.

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Office Move Plan

Euroxpress will design for you a office removals move plan to evaluate a timely manner of systematically relocating your office furniture and property.

We will try to find a way to achieve with minimum disruption.

Our Surveyor will be assessing your office removals on access, dismantling, rebuilding, crate hire, packing and unpacking.

Euroxpress can give you a full breakdown so you can decide which packages you want to do yourselves. You will probably find it is more important for us to do them which will let your staff handle their own normal duties.

The best moves are normally the ones where we do it all, letting your staff deal with customers queries or their own work so there is no knock on effect to the business.

Outside the office to your other areas

We offer the complete relocation service so if your business has stock, a warehouse or factory,we can move this too. Everything will be moved safe and secure by our removals team.

Our relocation services are tailored to you to fit in with your business.

We understand we need to move within certain limits, time, space and downtime.

Office moving crates
crate hire sussex
Euroxpress Crate hire

When moving office, your office removals need crates which are essential, they are stackable and easier to manoeuvre when used on trolleys without collapsing like cardboard boxes.

For every crate provided we will give you a free low tack label. Also we can give you low tack labels for your furniture which will come off easily without leaving any sticky residue or scratches to your furniture.

This will all help identify the location for everything at your new premises.

Our Office Moves Surveyor

Euroxpress office moves want to give you a stress free package, so call today to arrange a visit from our surveyor for a free no obligation quote.

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