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Sandhurst Removals

Sandhurst Removals

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Welcome to EuroXpress Sandhurst Removals, Berkshire.

EuroXpress Sandhurst team are able to provide you with a free no obligation quote ,

to carry out your relocation, this can be done either over the phone or in your home with a EuroXpress professional removal surveyor.

Removal surveyors will calculate the amount of cubic feet of the contents in your home.

Our removal surveyor will inform you which vehicle is the correct size for your move.

Guidance with packing, unpacking, dismantling & rebuilding shall be given by the EuroXpress surveyor.

Check out EuroXpress Removals and the great optional extra services.

The removals team can run you through the whole removal process and furthermore answer any questions.

EuroXpress Sandhurst realise some property’s have bad access for only a small van,

EuroXpress are happy to provide you with two vehicles and use the smaller one as a shuttle to the larger vehicle,

until the house removal is complete.

The van can also be used as a shuttle should the house your moving into have bad access.


Please feel free to contact us now for your free quote.

Here are a few facts about Sandhurst

In 2016 the population for Sandhurst was estimated 20,676.

The average price property in Sandhurst was £387,071 in February 2018,

this was a fall of 0.75% over the last 3 months according to Zoopla.

Sandhurst, Berkshire is bordered on the south by the River Blackwater,

this is the county boundary with Hampshire at Blackwater.

The Sandhurst tug of war team have been three times World champions.



House Removals - Online Quotes for House Removals

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Sandhurst Removals

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