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Poole Removals

Poole Removals


Welcome to EuroXpress Poole removals, Dorset.

EuroXpress has a large range of vehicles to suit all requirements.

EuroXpress Removals also offers storage facility for our own customers,

However if you prefer we can deliver or collect your furniture to a storage facility of your choice.

We offer a full range of great services when moving,

which  can add on additionally to your move,

an example of these are a packing service,

Dismantling and rebuilding services and our very popular unpacking service.

Here are a few facts about Poole

Poole Harbour is the largest natural harbour in Britain,

It was formed at the end of the last ice age when what was a valley was filled by rising seas.

Sandbanks in Poole is the most expensive place to live in Europe,

even during the financial crisis one plot was advertised in 2009 for roughly £10,000 per square metre!

The average property price in Poole was £371,245 which was a rise of 1.65% in January 2018.

The population of Poole is estimated 150,100 in 2014

House Removals - Online Quotes for House Removals

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Removals Poole

Removals Poole with EuroXpress Removals.


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