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Business Removals & Storage 

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We are a “family run business”  – passionate and determined to deliver a high class service at a competitive price. 
Showing the importance of our true core values, we specialise in Customer Care & Service with the Personal touch!

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Big enough to cope, small enough to care!
Vehicles of all sizes
Every size of move is important to EuroXpress Removals. Big or small.
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A fleet of all sizes
EuroXpress Removals has a fleet of vehicles from the smallest 3.5 ton Removals vans to the full size removals trucks. As EuroXpress can handle all sizes of moves, from the single items, flat moves to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 bedroom houses and mansions. We at EuroXpress specialise in all sizes of moves, House Removals and Business.
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Moves of all sizes
With our fleet of vehicles we are here to help from the simplest of moves to the most complicated of moves.
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Lez and Ulez Compliant Vehicles
In line with government instructions we are updating our vehicles to meet the new Emissions levels imposed.
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Various Lifting equipment
Euroxpress invests in the right equipment for your move.
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Crate labels
Labeling is key to a succesful move
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Mobile Scissor lifts
Having our own mobile Scissor lift that goes on our 1.5ton tailift helps on short notice jobs
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Our smaller Scissor lift
Our smaller scissor lift even goes in our luton for bad access
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Mobile Scissor lift hire with staff
Mobile scissor lift working height 4.5m weight 300kg suitable for mezzanine floors
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Our own Scissor lift Rental with operator
Reaching from a height, taking beams down?
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Our mobile forklift hire
Our mobile forklift hire, comes with operator.
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Our own 1.5ton - Mobile Forklift
Our mobile forklift gives us flexibility to turn up short notice to unload a vehicle with no tailift
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Forklift cage
Forklift cage for those normal out of reach items. Safety first.
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EuroXpress mobile ladders
We bring mobile ladders with us to speed up the process .
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Cardboard Pallet Boxes
Cardboard Pallet boxes for unusual shape items
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Safety pins
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Coverage :

Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, London, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire. Will cover Nationwide. We come to you!

08000 565588

Free phone from landline or For Local Numbers click here.

Mon - Sun 7 days a week

Offering Removals 7 days a week Same price every day.

EuroXpress Removals covers a 250 mile local radius with our fleet of vehicles.

Happy to move your business anywhere in the UK local or distance.

With over 27 years of experience in the Removals industry,

from working with the biggest companies all over the UK for many years,

We have gained the expertise and knowledge, to move your belongings in the correct way.

All of our 15-21 ton trucks have “Air ride suspension” for a smoother journey,

For the added safety and less chance for a rough terrain journey for your valuable belongings.

“We are proud to be members of Checkatrade.”

EuroXpress Removals are annually checked and inspected

to meet the very high standard that you would require from a Professional Removals Company.

More competitive than most companies.

Short Notice Specialists, Last minute moves, Pack, move and unpack.

Call Now for your free quote.


EuroXpress Removals the name you can trust.

We are one of the largest Professional Commercial Removals firms in our area.

With a full choice of vehicles and equipment to handle from the smallest to the largest of moves.

Our Business is Built on trust, Reliability and Profesionalism.

Please call today for a free no obligation quote.


Commercial Removals Quote Beater Transparency.

*We will try to Beat any “written quotes” based on Removals companies that confirm in writing to you the following,

  1. That can offer full size removals trucks for a quicker trip service.*(Not Little Luton vans quotes.)
  2. “Which can have any of our equipment that Euroxpress has specified for this move. 
  3. Lorries up to 2,200 cubic feet 18ton, 1.5ton tail lifts, crate hire, pallets, roll cages, pallet trucks, scissor lifts, trolleys, lifting tables, ramps, slides, skates, tools or any of our other specialist moving equipment we own.
  4. Removals blankets on all there vehicles, Piano trolleys, Sack Trolleys. (As a minimum standard that we have set and expect from any mover.)
  5. With “Air ride Suspension vehicles”. For a smoother journey for your goods.
  6. Our wealth of knowledge moving large volumes, smoothly, efficently.
  7. Same amount of staff.

If with the same professional like for like services.

If they are not willing to provide this level

 Quality Service then it is not the main priority for your move.

Because for us, “your move is important to us”.

Whats more important to you? Price or Service

We are so confident with the above

Offering a quality service at a competitive price.

(We Set the Standard that others should follow).


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Industrial Removals

Industrial Removals

Our Industrial Removals service side of Euroxpress removals covers from

moving distribution warehouse moves,

factories and mail forwarding centers, to parcel forwarders just to name a few.

Euroxpress also covers machine moves, equipment, your tools, stock and your racking.

We cover a wide range of the UK,

which covers most of all our industrial moves that is associated with the Industrial relocation process.


EuroXpress has an extensive industrial moves portfolio,

which includes we have moved head quarters, head offices, wholesalers, clothes accessories,

distribution warehouses and commercial Bakery relocations.

We have been involved in moving some huge Amazon power sellers moving to their new bigger sites,

where we have enjoyed giving the help with that move process nd watching them grow.

Euroxpress has been recognized by various large industrial businesses from moving them repeatedly in the past,

Its always great to move them again to each new premises as they grow.

Including when they get new equipment and want our expertise and advice.

Industrial removals

If your business has been expanding rapidly and ready for the next step,

we can move you to your next chapter, your new larger more efficient site

Industrial moving is not something that any man with a van can accomplish.

Euroxpress has invested in the right tools, to make the industrial move process go more smoother.

Get in touch call 08000 565588 for a free no obligation quote.


Industrial Equipment Moves Relocations

  • Some of our other industrial equipment moves in our portfolio includes,
  • It even amazes our selves when making this page what a wide range of successful moves and clients we now have.
  • a relocation of a Vinyl records distributors,

with over 1 million records to be moved in 1 week.

With packing in our commercial office moving crates.


  • A leading Electrical wholesalers, A 4 day process with 4 of our trucks, and 1,000 roll cages.
  • A clothes distribution relocation move using 2x 17ton trucks and 20 trips
  • from over 2 floors to another 2 floors, 9 days.
  • Also some food shops, wholesalers, markets.
  • Paint distribution warehouse 4 days
  • Memorabilia and antiques.
  • Ebay stock wholesalers 1 day, stock, racking and offices.
  • MOT station including ramps, lifts and tools 2 day.
  • Supermarket and shop equipment and shop fittings.
  • Metal work company, lathes, drills, benches, metal, materials and tools. 3 days.
  • Carpentry of bespoke furniture, including bench saws, spray booths, cutting equipment,

tools, timber, racking, extractor units. 1 day.

  • Gyms with equipment.
  • Chocolate treat business. machinery and stock and ingredients.
  • Laboratories moves 2 day move.
  • Bankrupt stock resellers.
  • School relocations various.
  • Bailiff relocations to auction houses across the UK.
  • X-ray cancer treatment, x-ray machines,
  • Packaging company  1 day move, stock and racking.
  • An amazon power seller of nutrition to your door 1 day move.
  • Shoes and footwear, stock and racking and shop fittings.
  • Children’s nursery and large play equipment.
  • Charity headquarters Age Uk.
  • A bank including paperwork desks, stationary, photocopiers and safes.
  • Recruitment agency office, furniture and stationary.
  • Container company relocation.
  • lots of events including for Black eye peas. equipment and stage.
  • Estate agents furniture and stationary.
  • Satellite company head quarters, equipment, stock, crates, pool table, desks and furniture.


Industrial removals include stock, warehouse equipment, fittings and your offices.

Summary of Industrial Removals Relocations

Our moves does varies sometimes using Hi-habs, cranes, scissor lifts, fork lifts and Jcbs.

Whatever the challenge we like to problem solve and find the best way to relocate you with minimum disruption to your company.

Euroxpress can separately quote to pack, organize, label and unpack depending on your budget.

Our Site Manager can asses the best quickest way to relocate your industrial business with minimum disruption.

EuroXpress industrial removals has many years of Industrial relocations experience.

Industrial moves quote

For your industrial moves quote, get in touch.

We can design the most efficient way to move your industrial goods call 08000 565588 for a free industrial moves quote.

Euroxpress covers a wide range of Industrial Removals

here is some bullet points of some of them

  1. Industrial Removals
  2. Heavy machinery removals
  3. Factory relocations
  4. Warehouse Relocation
  5. Equipment removals
  6. Plant relocation
  7. Industrial moving services
  8. Industrial packing services
  9. Industrial storage solutions
  10. Industrial transportation services.

to learn more call 08000 565588.


EuroXpress Removals is a leading industrial removals company that specializes in the relocation of heavy machinery, equipment, and other industrial materials.

Our team of experts has the skills, equipment, and expertise to ensure that the move is safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

In this essay, we will discuss the top 10 keywords related to industrial removals, personalized to EuroXpress Removals.


  1. Heavy Machinery: EuroXpress Removals specializes in the relocation of heavy machinery, including cranes, bulldozers, excavators, and forklifts. Our team has the expertise to handle even the most complex machinery moves.


  1. Rigging: Rigging is a critical aspect of industrial removals, and EuroXpress Removals has the equipment and expertise to ensure that the move is safe and efficient. Our team uses ropes, chains, and other equipment to lift and move heavy objects safely.


  1. Logistics: Logistics is a crucial aspect of industrial removals, and EuroXpress Removals has the experience and expertise to manage the movement of goods and materials efficiently. We plan, coordinate, and manage the move to ensure that it is executed smoothly and cost-effectively.


  1. Project Management: EuroXpress Removals has a team of experienced project managers who oversee every aspect of the move. Our project managers plan, organize, and manage resources to achieve specific goals and objectives, ensuring that the move is completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of the client.


  1. Safety: Safety is a top priority at EuroXpress Removals, and we take every precaution to ensure that the move is safe for everyone involved. Our team follows strict safety protocols to ensure that the move is executed safely and efficiently.


  1. Disassembly: Disassembly is a critical aspect of industrial removals, and EuroXpress Removals has the expertise to take apart machinery and equipment before moving it. This process ensures that the equipment can be transported safely and efficiently.


  1. Transportation: Transportation is a crucial aspect of industrial removals, and EuroXpress Removals has a fleet of specialized trucks and trailers to transport heavy machinery and equipment. Our team ensures that the equipment is transported safely and efficiently to its new location.


  1. Installation: EuroXpress Removals has a team of experts who specialize in the installation of machinery and equipment. Our team ensures that the equipment is installed correctly and safely in its new location.


  1. Storage: EuroXpress Removals offers temporary storage solutions for machinery and equipment during the removal process. Our storage facilities are secure and protected, ensuring that the equipment is safe during the move.


  1. Cost: EuroXpress Removals understands that cost is a crucial factor in industrial removals, and we work closely with our clients to manage costs effectively. Our team ensures that the move is cost-effective for the client while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.


In conclusion, EuroXpress Removals is a leading industrial removals company that specializes in the relocation of heavy machinery, equipment, and other industrial materials. Our team has the skills, equipment, and expertise to ensure that the move is safe, efficient, and cost-effective. The top 10 keywords related to industrial removals, personalized to EuroXpress Removals, include heavy machinery, rigging, logistics, project management, safety, disassembly, transportation, installation, storage, and cost. These keywords are essential to understanding the process of industrial removals and the factors that contribute to a successful move with EuroXpress Removals.



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