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Lewes Removals 01273 735111

With our EuroXpress Lewes Removals we are familiar with the narrow steep roads of Lewes,
and know that navigating around the town in a large lorry can be tricky,
lots of property’s have bad access,
which is why EuroXpress has a large range of vehicles to assist in the tricky narrow situations.
Its good to prepare us in advance to make your moving day as smooth as possible,
if you have one of those roads,
we overcome this situation by not only supplying you with a removal vehicle,
to move the whole contents of your home,
but also a smaller van to ferry the items to the larger vehicle,
during loading  we call this transhipping,
our removal surveyor will evaluate which size van and lorry combination will be adequate,
to fill the lorry with the total cubic feet of your home,
we understand that the volume of your home may exceed just the smaller vehicle.
If you would like a removal surveyor to visit your property,
to assess and check the access to your property,
Please click on this contact link or fill out our online quote form.

Here are some interesting facts about Lewes

Lewes originated as a Saxon village,
where the population was less than 2000,
but although this doesn’t sound a lot by medieval standards,
Lewes was a fair sized town,
The population of Lewes is now estimated at around 16,000!
The average price for property in Lewes is £525,628 in November 2017,
This is a rise of 0.26% in the last 3 months according to rightmove!
Lewes is known as the bonfire capital of the world,
due to the size of their festivities for bonfire night,
with 3,000 people taking part and up to 80,000 spectators attending,
the small market towns festivities makes it the place to be on November 5th for sure!
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House Removals - Online Quotes for House Removals

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