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Commercial Moves

Commercial Moves from EuroXpress

Our Commercial Moves service covers your stock, racking, machinery, warehouse, yard and offices.

No two commercial moves are ever the same so it’s important to get it right first time, avoiding stress and loss in stock, customers, unorganised departments or warehouse. We would like to help you get it right first time. We can handle your move with packing and unpacking services, crate hire, pallets, and materials available.

commercial moves

Euroxpress Commercial has the whole package to suit you and your budget:

  • We can pack your office
  • Move your office
  • Pack your warehouse
  • Move your machinery
  • Dismantle your racking
  • Relocate your goods
  • Re-position crates
  • Rebuild your racking
  • Unpack your goods
  • Rebuild your desks
  • Unpack your computers
  • Re position your office furniture

Crate Rental is essential for commercial moves

Low tack office moving labels
Low tack office moving labels

We will give you free labels with any of our crate hire for everyone to identify where everything needs to go at the new end, whether you are moving offices, warehouses, stock or personal effects.

Crate hire Rental,Crate Rental
Crate Hire

Crates will be required to make the move go smoothly.

If you also require packaging, paper, bubble wrap, or packing tape, we can organise this for you or you can contact our supplier Accopia, who will deliver to your door.

Our Professional Commercial Moves Surveyor

If you would like a free quote from our expert surveyor, to quote and tailor your move to your exact needs or budget, please call 08000 565588.

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