Warehouse Moves

Warehouse Moves

At Euroxpress we cover warehouse moves, which we can tailor them to your needs.

When first thinking where do I start, that is where we can come in for your initial first consultation to bounce ideas,

to decide what are your main objectives and reason for your warehouse move,

with this in mind we can tailor a package of moving services that meets all of your criteria.

Whether its separate the move into sections like, moving excess stock, redundant stock or departments

that are a lot quieter this time of year and get these ahead first.

Offices are often moved across last, normally due to the complex of BT meeting the deadline

of your project and needing scanners to work at both properties. So normally doing warehousing first.

If you need temp warehousing or container storage we can look at these options too.

Moving warehouse tips

Making use of our moving warehouse tips can be helpful and less time consuming that can help speed up the process, for your warehouse relocation.

Did you know if you have a dedicated forklift guy to unload our trucks instead of using the tail lifts you can nearly half the time on an unload?

also if you have a member of staff with a pallet truck to take away the pallet that the forklift has just lowered off the truck on to the ground and already started to take this away, this can speed up the moving warehouse process too.

Having lots of pallet trucks available can make a difference over not waiting for pallet trucks that other people are using.

Stock being brought out to the vehicle saves time.

Always have lots of spare pallets for your move,

as this can save from waiting for other pallets to be unloaded first to be used again.

Having lots of spare crates can help shift large volume of stock quickly. For your Warehouse Relocation.


Euroxpress normally has a large stock of pallets, crates, pump trucks for use during the move,

ask for more details and fees. Available when warehouse moving.


EuroXpress has been moving warehouses for many years, that has gained us a wealth of knowledge and tips.

So do not be afraid to ask questions to help understand pitfalls or tips to avoid from the move.

We have a large range of tools and equipment that can help speed up the move process.

like we have many pallet trucks that are on loan through the process,

lots of ladder systems to help get the stock on and off quicker and safely.

If you require us to do the packing and unpacking during your warehouse moving this is an optional extra too.

Warehouse move

For your Business and warehouse moves, We can also dismantle and rebuild your racking.

This can save you time on your Warehouse relocation.

Call now 08000 565588 for your free quote.

We have various size of vehicles for when your moving warehouse from 3.5ton to 21ton depending on access and volume.

Warehouse Moves

All sizes of logistics warehouse moves covered.

If you have any other warehousing needs let us know.



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