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How to move business

How to move business

how to move business

Welcome to our how to move business post.

Firstly Id like to explain over a few posts, some things to look for when moving business sites,

From the knowledge I have learnt along the way.

I will be covering topics from

These posts have some of the vital ingredients for our how to move business posts.


Euroxpress has been moving businesses since 1999,

with the owner myself that has been in the industry for 22 years.

Experience counts and no 2 moves are ever the same but the fundamentals process stays the same.


What type of business premises do I need to look for?

When looking at a site that you would like to move into,

There are many important factors to think about top 12,


  1. Do I want drive by customers
  2. Do I not want drive by customers
  3. How much is the business rates
  4. What are my neighbours like
  5. Will my neighbour complain
  6. Does my neighbor complement my line of work
  7. Would my neighbor not like me as a neighbor.
  8. Have I got room for my business to grow
  9. has the new property got transport links for staff and customers to get to.
  10. Is there a kitchen enough toilets
  11. Are there places staff can get food from near by for lunch.
  12. Is my suppliers near by

Notice ability Would I benefit if every one knows I am here?

Is my industry where I want customers coming to my door, free advertising that is why supermarkets like roundabouts.

Do I not want drive by customers

or because I am a skip company or work with Chemicals,

should I want to be more rural where i can keep to my self with noise, smells or need more of a yard space.

It can be very handy to be near one of your normal regular suppliers, delivery’s may be cheaper more frequent,

or easier to get when run out.



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