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We are a “family run business”  – passionate and determined to deliver a high class service at a competitive price. 
Showing the importance of our true core values, we specialise in Customer Care & Service with the Personal touch!

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Big enough to cope, small enough to care!
Vehicles of all sizes
Every size of move is important to EuroXpress Removals. with options from a straight move to Pack, Move, Unpack, Dismantling and rebuilding services. With the option for storage too.
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A fleet of all sizes
EuroXpress Removals has a fleet of vehicles from the smallest 3.5 ton Removals vans to the full size removals trucks. As EuroXpress can handle all sizes of moves, from the single items, flat moves to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 bedroom houses and mansions. We at EuroXpress specialise in all sizes of moves, House Removals and Business.
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Coverage :

Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, London, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire. We come to you!

08000 565588

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Mon - Sun 7 days a week

Offering Removals 7 days a week Same price every day.

EuroXpress Removals covers a 250 mile local radius with our fleet of vehicles.

With over 22 years of experience in the Removals industry,

from working with the biggest companies all over the UK for years,

We have gained the expertise and knowledge, to move your belongings in the correct way.

All of our 17 ton trucks have “Air ride suspension” for a smoother journey,

For the added safety and less chance for a rough journey for your belongings.

“We are proud to be members of Checkatrade.”

EuroXpress Removals are annually checked and inspected

to meet the very high standard that you would require from a Professional Removals Company.

More competitive than most companies.

Short Notice Specialists, Last minute moves, Pack, move and unpack.

Call Now for your free quote.


EuroXpress Removals the name you can trust.

We are one of the largest Professional Removals firms in our area.

With a full choice of vehicles to handle from the smallest to the largest of moves.

Our Business is Built on trust, Reliability and Profesionalism.

Please call today for a free no obligation quote.


Removals Quote Beater Transparency.

*We will try to Beat any “written quotes” based on Removals companies that confirm in writting to you the following,

  1. That can offer full size removals trucks for a 1 trip service.*(Not Little Luton vans quotes.)
  2. “Which Included in Every Removals Service”, Quilted 60″ TV Covers, Quilted Sofa covers, Heavy Duty Mattress Covers, Metal Heavy duty Wardrobe rails, and 100-300 Removals blankets on all there vehicles, Piano trolleys,Sack Trolleys. (As a minimum standard that we have set and expect from any mover.)
  3. With “Air ride Suspension vehicles”. For a smoother journey for your goods.

(Not paper bag versions that tare or thin polythin versions that rip or cardboard wardrobe boxes that collapse and fall apart).

If with the same professional like for like services.

If they are not willing to provide this Quality Service then it is not the main priority for your move.

Because for us, “your move is important to us”.

Whats more important to you? Price or Service

We are so confident with the above

Offering a quality service at a competitive price.

(We Set the Standard that others should follow).

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checked by checkatrade

Distribution Warehouse Removals

Distribution Warehouse Removals

Euroxpress doing a Distribution Warehouse Removals,


This challenge we knew was big, It was the HQ of a Electrical distribution company,

since this move have help set up, some of their other new sites.

but from our past experience this shared the same important values,

  • Moving to a schedule
  • Keeping things in order,
  • Moving departments systematically
  • looking after stock,
  • Moving a giant warehouse quickly and efficiently.
  • Moving there offices.
  • Health and safety.

From the initial time we visited to do our site survey,

We needed to find the best way to move,

the whole distribution warehouse smoothly.

That was achieved with great success.

warehouse relocations euroxpress

From this picture you see it was of this Electrical distribution warehouse.

with this in mind it was most of all different shapes and sizes,

of stock that was hard to just move as it was,

especially with the quantities we needed to move,

we needed to make sense to this for the new end.

Purpose built Ramps both ends

So we explored using a combintation of  ways to move the massive stock problem.

We had a selection of our trucks loading from the rear roll cages,

distribution warehouse removalsdistribution warehouse removals

We had some ramps made for us, so we could load 4,000 roll cages quickly,

with edging so cages cannot slide of side of ramps.

Everyone as usual would have to wear steal toe caps for protection of feet as standard.

At the end of the ramps was a thin grade of fish plate metal to meet up to the truck floor,

All our trucks are removals spec,

giving flexibility and strapping points unlike curtain siders,

have air ride suspension, as we loaded the truck,

The suspension would go down, adjusting to the weight,

Fortunately we can adjust this by our cab controllers to stay the height of the ramp designed,

Euroxpress do own special Commercial moving ramps designed for roll cages and machinery,

but as the nature of this job was so large we needed a quicker way for the volume to be moved.

not all items was able to put in roll cages,

so we had various ways of moving these quantities to the new building,


Crate Rental sussex
Euroxpress own Crate Rental

Distribution warehouse Crates and totes.

As the new building had other floors,

where roll cages were not practical,

we use Euroxpress commercial moving crates,

This helped us stack stock 10 high,

not like the cardboard boxes that stock came from previously in delivery,

as would have a danger of being squashed when moving large volume.

Packaging supplies from Accopia

Commercial Removals
Commercial Removals

Ramp System

Here is our own Ramps system purposely built that are mobile,

for all commercial moves, wide enough for a pallet,

not too steep for roll cages. with the lip each side.

Also you can see for the distribution warehouse removals,

We have side doors for loading 250 pallets over the week.

electrical distribution warehouse removals

Here we had the ramp system built for load up

Business Moves
Business Moves

We used 3 trucks over 7 days doing 5 trips a day,

totaling 21 truck loads of goods over the move process.

We own more trucks, but that was the safest speed to get items in and out,

of this property as old site had a small yard,

giving time to organise at the other end,

Furtermore there was other ways that items was moved but we do not want to give away all our secrets on the internet.

We also packed and moved there offices and shop front.

Distribution warehouse removals bracknell
Distribution House Removals site

finally here was the old site all ready,

for the racking to be dismantled by us and rebuilt at the new end.

in conclusion if you would like a quote,

For your distribution warehouse removals call 08000 565588

for your free quote.

We also offer another services storage.

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