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Should I rent or buy a Business Premises?

Should I rent or buy a Business Premises

business premises for sale


This post is about Should I rent or buy a Business Premises?

As shown on some of my other posts When moving premises you want to move for the right reasons,

I know sometimes Businesses are forced to move due to tenancy runs out,

or existing property might be being sold to be redeveloped.

So timing is not always on your side my thoughts are making sure the property ticks all the boxes.

If not, maybe a short tenancy with a rolling contract might be more suitable,

until you find a property that ticks all the boxes.

Here Is a link to some other posts on

What shall I look for in a property

Rental has the perks that when the right property does turn up you can pounce on it and not wait for a sale of your property.

But purchase has the benifit not money down the drain so at the end its your choice to get the balance right.

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