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Estate Agent Referral scheme


Estate Agent Referral Scheme

EuroXpress Estate agent referral scheme.


EuroXpress Removals Referral scheme has now designed a promotion,

This is so good, you wont want to resist from getting involved.

£50 Cash for every successful full House removal lead,

Thank you for taking the time to explore our promotion and website.

Let me give you a brief explanation of whatthe promotion we are offering.

For every successful lead that you pass our way IF we win you win.

What we need from you,

when you have a lead is to send us an email

via the form below and most importantly,

It helps us keep track where the lead came from so we can reward you.

(Within 24 hours of you passing on our number.)

With respect to the new GDPR and to comply

Please check with client that they are happy

for their details to be passed on for your recommendation

for their free no obligation quote.


We do not pass on their or your details to any third party.


Script if contacting via phone.

“As I understand you are moving in the near future,

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you to EuroXpress removals,

They can offer various services like Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Removals services,

that can be adapted to your needs and budget.

Those services covers  Packing, dismantling, loading, unloading, rebuilding,

unpacking, re-positioning and taking away the rubbish and any clearance

If you also need any storage,  they can handle this as well,

This firm has the big trucks too, for that added piece of mind.

and are certified on Checkatrade.

EuroXpress Removals have a free phone number from a land line it is 08,000 565588.

where they will be happy to help, they are used to last minute moves.”


Please can use this form below.

To find this page you will find this at the bottom middle of our home page on

With the word LOGIN in the bottom middle click on it  and it will bring you to this page.

or save this link to your computer for easy access.

Thank you for your referral

If we win you will win too with our reward scheme

Reward cards are sent out once a month generally

After we have moved them.

Successful Referrals House moves £50 Argos

Successful Referrals Commercial moves £50 Argos

Any questions contact director Matthew Lock 07523 555655


If you would like some sales leaflets and business cards

because you want to come on board

let us know and we will drop some off to you

to help you promote us.


Other promotions for 2018

We will be closely monitoring best performers

Other Rewards for

Best lead of the month

Best Successful lead provider in your Area

Best Lead of the year.

Basically we are happy to share the wealth so if we win you win!.

Thank you for your time.

Good Luck Sales Team.

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