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Can I move house during lockdown

Can I move house during Lockdown?

house removals trucks
house removals trucks

Can I move house during Lockdown explained?

or moving during Coronavirus Lockdown.

As of 12/05/2020 its being relaxed as long as the R is less than 1,

this must be monitored, If R goes above the 1 then the Government may have to tighten restrictions again.

cov 19 ready

The best way to explain see below. 12/5/2020 in the UK is being relaxed but not in Wales or Scotland yet.

This is while the R is below 1. subject to change.

If the R goes over 1 then the country would likely go back to Aprils restrictions.

Last updated  13/05/2020 this page is being reviewed and updated During the 13th May.

Links to regulation for Removals and House Moves

BBC news 12/5/2020 Just released.

Public health notice  12/05/2020

Working safely during covid-19 in other peoples homes.  28 pages 11/05/2020


Main Restrictions still in place

No work should be carried out in a household which
is isolating because one or more family members has
symptoms or where an individual has been advised to
shield – unless it is to remedy a direct risk to the
safety of the household.
When working in a household where somebody is
clinically vulnerable, but has not been asked to shield,
for example, the home of someone over 70, prior
arrangements should be made with vulnerable people
to avoid any face-to-face contact, for example, when
answering the door. You should be particularly strict
about hand washing, coughing and sneezing hygiene,
such as covering your nose and mouth and disposing
of single-use tissues.

6.1 of the HSE working safely document. 4th paragraph.

Wearing a face covering is optional and is not required by
law, including in the workplace.

Removals is physically demanding, clear oxygen is needed to full fill there duty’s,

therefore please give the minimum 2 meter rule where possible.

Washing facilities and toilet facilities may not be restricted on site.


We now need to see how Wales and Scotland will respond.

It will probably take 2 weeks to react, and staffing levels of banks back to normal.

If the R changes so will the rules.


During the Covid-19 situation. To ensure that we can safely move your home,

there are certain conditions which must be adhered to.

If the conditions are not met, then we will not be able to complete your move.


We want you to have a stress free move and not to have to worry about the current Covid-19 issues.

We need you to follow these rules to minimise the risk of spreading the disease,

Our staff have now been instructed what procedures are now in place,

To enable us to reopen during these uncertain times,

we have the need for the following questionnaire to be filled out ,

To qualify for our services,

We need to show that we have a Covid-19 procedure in place to protect both of us.


Questionnaire link here! This will be here after midday.


We are starting to get things more in to place, to keep up with legislation as it changes.

Other news we learn of we will be updated on this page.


Meanwhile we are still hearing wc 11/5/2020

Estate agents not allowed in the family home still, for viewing or checking properties, they are still operating remotely.

but from 12/5/2020 now can if they want.

Energy performance certification companies not going in to family homes.

from 12/05/2020 they can if they want

Banking staff allot are still furloughed with minimal transactions going through on the same day.

Some solicitors will not meet there clients to sign contracts.

from 12/05/2020 they can if they want.

Where possible it may be wise to delay your move if possible until the other departments start running properly again.

With the R being lower.

Mortgage lenders update

Today 13/05/2020 we have now heard that mortgage lenders of a Wetherspoons pub staff that are furloughed, there mortgage will not be released until they are back at work in case the job position wont be there or the 80% does not cover the mortgage.

feel free to call our HQ 01903 732733 to discuss.


For small jobs we can work out a quote from a list and some questions via phone.

For larger jobs we can do video surveys via Whatsup, Facebook messenger or video calling.

As of this week if we need to be in your home for a survey,

we will wear gloves and a mask. Be in uniform and show a business card on arrival,

to an arranged time. We require no more than 1 person inside the home

as per government guidline of meeting 1 other person,

others would need to be in garden or elsewhere,

windows to be open and you not having or showing any symptoms.

your support appreciated.


Following directives from the UK government, Our Prime minister has stated no one is allowed in your house that is not a family member. unless for moving.


The government have stated no 2 people can be within 2 meters of each other unless family or live together.

It is also stated maximum of 2 people in the same environment. so no one else in the house during the move.


On these occasions when in the family home while your there only 1 person there.

we require you to be in your cars,

not in the same property room while we are working.

We would also require where possible all surfaces to be wiped down with antibacterial spray before we move clear surfaces.

it is also recommended to wipe clean again at the new property once delivered.

Euroxpress is trying where ever possible to minimise any of these risks with these strict guide lines.


Even with this in place Euroxpress can not be held responsible for any fines that are restricted or imposed if we are stopped during the move. It seems this is relaxed 13/05/2020

Or of any circumstances beyond our control,

including re-delivery fees or changes with government on a daily basis.


This week we have received reports that banks not transferring the money as short on staff.

If the house is not empty now then you stand the risk of moving from a safe environment

to one that has been infected.

Some solicitors have added disinfecting clauses into contracts meaning after you move out will the premises be cleaned,

check to see if your buyers are doing the same.

Moving house is not necessarily classed as essential moving during Coronavirus Lockdown . but as 12/05/2020 while the R is below 1.

Everyone’s health is essential, So help us all stay at home, protect each other.

If everyone stays at home we will be able to resume back to normal sooner.


I will update this page when we have more up to date news as this seems to be updated daily for us to comply.

This page is likely to be updated daily with any announcements as it happens in the industry.

Your move is important to us.

If getting pressure to complete during lock down,

Pass the responsibility via email to cover your self to the solicitor that is advising you to ignore the lock down, if the R goes above 1.

Get them to take responsibility for any extra expenses (storage) and re delivery charges and any fines in trying to make you move during this illegal period.   this has been relaxed 12/05/2020 as long as the R is lower than 1.

Call now our main office 01903 732733

We are here to help during these difficult times.

EuroXpress also offer quotes via Whatsup, face time, Email lists and after lock down back to site visits.

We also offer a online version where you can click on the pictures.

We are putting our customers and staff first before wealth.

Time to put your family first in these uncertain times.

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