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How to design my new Business Warehouse.

How to design my new Business Warehouse.


On this post we will be looking at how to design my new Business Warehouse.

design my business warehouse

Draw a plan to scale there is lots of free apps from the app store.

Planning ahead is key.

  • First of all measure the premises
  • Is there enough toilets
  • What staff need to visit which staff the most during a working day.
  • Which stock needs to be nearer other stock
  • Which stock is used least
  • Move collections nearer to departments that need it
  • Move things that are heavy nearer to the department that needs it.
  • start with loading bay think about access.
  • Make each isle the width of a euro pallet minimum for pallet trucks
  • Do you need an internal shipping container for high value items
  • would you like storage while sorting and setting up
  • Do you want to paint or carpet or build racking before moving in.


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